Hi, I'm Anthea Naylor. Special Educator, Consultant, VSM Trainer, Lecturer at University of Melbourne and Doctoral student focusing on VSM with families.


Join our private VSM@Home Club Monthly Zoom sessions, where you will receive answers to your VSM questions. Wednesday evenings 8pm - 9pm. Who is this course for? Any parent/carer of a child aged between 4 - adult who has tricky behaviours. ​ It is also for those with HOPE that things can improve and who are ready to empower themselves as parents/carers to make it happen.

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"My passion is seeing our tricky kids, their families and communities who were experiencing real difficulty come together to develop supportive, collaborative relationships that challenge one another to open up possibilities, come and learn Video Self Modelling, and see their children transform the basic behaviours we take for granted when other methods have had limited effect."